The Politics of Bag Bans

In February, GXT Green participated in a full day seminar in Massachusetts organized by The purpose of the session was to bring together members of communities that have, or are interested in, instituting plastic bag bans or plastic food packaging bans. The goal was to educate them on the issues and help them address plastic litter in a productive way. //more

Paris COP21- Reducing Global Warming One Step at a Time

By Ed Weisberg on Jan 08, 2016
Last month in Paris, despite the terrorist attacks and dangerous conditions, people of the world ... //more

Not All Laws Should Last Forever

By Ed Weisberg on Oct 07, 2015
Often, laws are written with all the best intentions, but over time, they lose their way as ... //more

Compostable Plastic Bags in Hawaii: An Illusory Solution?

Otto Fisher and Ed Weisberg on Aug 31, 2015
In the city of Oahu, Hawaii, a recently implemented ban on plastic bags has come under fire from ... //more

Finally! The End of the Bubble Wrap Era

By Otto Fisher on Jul 09, 2015
Sealed Air Corp. is rolling out what is, in effect, a replacement of Bubble Wrap, the company’s ... //more

Youth will save our planet!

by Ed Weisberg on Jun 05, 2015
This May the United Nations commemorated the 20th anniversary of the World Programme of Action for ... //more

Strong, Sustainable, Alternative to Plastic Bags

by Ed Weisberg on Apr 15, 2015
When Grocers made the shift from paper to plastic bags in the early 1980s, it was a boon to their ... //more

Whats Your Priority Use for a Low Cost Plastic Alternative?

by Ed Weisberg
ECOgrade degradable bags are rapidly being adopted as a cost-competitive sustainable alternative to //more

7 Steps to Make Grocery Store More Sustainable

by Ed Weisberg on Feb 12, 2015
In a newly released study conducted In August of 2014, Gibbs-rrb interviewed over two thousand ... //more

There Is No Longer a Need For Bag Bans!

by Ed Weisberg
Last week, the city of Huntington Beach California, one of the first areas to initially implement ... //more