GXT Green In The News

GXT Green Inc. marks 5 million eco-grade bags

BILLERICA -- Supermarkets and big-box stores today have to be progressive in making themselves more eco-friendly. The global brand GXT Green Inc. is providing that service to Wellesley-based Roche Bros. Supermarkets with its photo-degradable eco-grade shopping bag. Read more

GXT Green COO Michael Vanin Talks Plastic Bag Alternative

GXT Green, of Billerica, Massachusetts is aiming to spread the use of their photo-degradable shopping bags -- and they've already distributed more than 5 million through Roche Brothers Grocery Stores. Read more

GXT Green gets Roche Bros on the Green Track

As humans grow increasingly aware of the mark we are making on our home planet, people across the globe have been struggling for years to find convenient, less harmful solutions for our harsh demands on nature. Read more

Sugarcane pulp, bee wax bags strive to replace polythenes

A Delhi company, which gets raw material from an USA firm, GXT, prepares these bags using Calcium Olefinic Glucosate (COG), the contents being sugarcane pulp and bee wax. Read more

Mass. lawmakers grapple with 21st century problems

GXT Green Senior Vice President Ed Weisberg recently participated in a discussion on how Massachusetts lawmakers can grapple with the challenge of laws that are outpaced and made obsolete by technology developments, such as ECOgrade photodegradable bags... Read more

Blue Ocean Society partners with GTX Green

PORTSMOUTH — Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation’s monthly beach cleanups at Jenness Beach will have a new partner starting in January 2015. Read more

Billerica business creates photodegradable grocery bags

It’s conceivable that a little company overlooking Nutting Lake in Billerica may solve the severe environmental threats posed by plastics. The GXT Green team believes that its technology can replace plastic grocery bags, “packaging peanuts” and other threats to animals Read more

GXT Green re-invents the grocery bag

This spring Get it Going will be partnering with a local high school’s peer leadership group and other local volunteers to host four beach cleanups in Rye, New Hampshire. Read more

GXT Green COO Michael Vanin Featured in TV Interview

GXT Green COO Michael Vanin Featured in TV Interview Sponsored by the Lowell Chamber of Commerce Read more

A biodegradable bag to end the reign of plastic

Imagine a plastic bag which will vanish completely if you keep it out in the open for some months and will not even harm the environment. Read more

NGO seeks to cure India's plastic dependency

The Society to Create Awareness Towards Life and Environment is hoping the introduction of the ECOgrade degradable bags will help wean Indian consumers off the need for plastic ones. Read more

SBANE names 2013 New England Innovation Awards finalists

The Small Business Association of New England has named the 20 finalists of its 2013 New England Innovation Awards, an annual award program that recognizes those companies that are potential game changers in their specific markets. Read more

Feedback on ECOgrade degradable plastic bags

Many thanks to Ed Weisberg, Senior VP of Marketing and Business Development with GXT Green. I featured some information on their ECOgrade plastic bags last September, http://chemicalroundtables.com/wordpress2/?p=492. Since then, GXT continues to make great progress, ... Read more

New take on plastic vs. paper bags

Of all the simple-sounding environmental questions that vex consumers, paper vs. plastic grocery bags has received a huge amount of attention. All of which makes developments at GXT Green very interesting. This Massachussetts-based company claims to have a solution to ... Read more

Pacific Research Institute: The Crusade Against Plastic Bags

An ever-growing number of municipalities are instituting bans on plastic gro¬cery bags in the name of environmental protection. Studies are mixed regarding whether or not such bans offer significant envi¬ronmental benefits, but claims of rampant environmental harms are Read more

Startup to bring photo-degradable bags to grocery chains

Billerica startup GXT Green is using $3 million in angel investment to get its green products into the hands of consumers and help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Founded in 2009, GXT Green works with businesses and organizations to mitigate their greenhouse Read more