ECO-R³SP Reusable Suspension Packaging

ECO-R³SP is an innovative method of packaging from GXT Green that has potential to reduce cost, eliminate waste from the municipal waste stream, improve sustainability, meet certain city/town regulatory requirement for “zero waste” packaging and reduce carbon emissions. Already being used in Japan, it has the potential to revolutionize packaging in North America. ECO-R³SP packaging truly embodies the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.


ECO-R³SP is a new concept, which allows products to be packed below or between sheets of specially formulated high strength and very elastic ECO-R³SP film. This film can replace previous packaging which relied on custom designed Styrofoam, other preforms, “peanuts”, bubble wraps etc., providing better protection, and ease of packing. The ECO-R³SP film is heat sealed to regular or collapsible cardboard, wood, or plastic frames. The frames and film can be returned and reused, providing a zero-waste solution.

ECO-R³SP Benefits

  • Excellent shock-absorption characteristics, exhibits high resistance to shock and resonance.
  • Suitable for a wide range of product shapes including products with sharp and pointed edges.
  • Packing equalization of the product can be maintained by firmly packing around the object.
  • Compact and space-saving design of ECO-R³SP reduces packaging size and weight. Space needed for shipping can be kept to the minimum while ensuring secure packing and support. When not in use, unlike preformed packaging like EPS and Styrofoam, ECO-R³SP packaging can be easily collapsed and flattened for efficient storage.
  • Return friendly design of ECO-R³SP packaging allows for collapsing and stacking of the packaging to a compact and space saving size and volume to facilitate less expensive shipping.
  • Excellent endurance, reuse and recycle friendly properties of ECO-R³SP ensures the film is resistant to puncture, retains its flexibility and strength over a wide temperature range, resists deformation by projection and has high restoring force. Repeated use of ECO-R³SP film is possible even if it does sustain puncture damage as there is very high resistance to ripping. If desired, separation from the support frame is easy after the use, and the film can be easily and efficiently recycled.

ECO-R³SP Packaging Summary Characteristics

  • GXT Green ECO-R³SP film is a highly durable film with strong tensile strength and very high elasticity. The film has the ability to stretch and expand up to 5 times (about 500%) before the film tears and can withstand force up to 3.2 kgf (test specimen of 1 cm wide) before it stretches. The film also has the ability to return to its original dimensions, much like a rubber band after stretching.
  • ECO-R³SP film exhibits tough membrane performance, resisting tears, while tolerating most sharp objects – see example shown with the ballpoint pen.
  • Surface resistance of ECO-R³SP film is 1012 Ω and is effective for non- electrified body.
  • ECO-R³SP film is made from a thermoplastic resin and is recyclable.
  • ECO-R³SP film resin is available in a wide range of transport environment temperatures, ranging from -22 to +140 degrees Fahrenheit (cold and heat resistant). Test results have demonstrated glass-transition temperature of -31 degrees Fahrenheit and softening temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • ECO-R³SP film complies with various tests, such as deposit from film, existence or non-existence of ion residual error occurrence (ion cased parts should test non-existent with rust), food sanitation tests, and direct contact to electronic components and foods.
  • ECO-R³SP film has water vapor permeability therefore keeping water condensation to a minimum.
  • ECO-R³SP packaging is easy to store, assemble, and ship thereby reducing cost packaging material, storage and assembly/packaging time and cost:

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