ECOgrade Agricultural Products Film

ECOgrade agricultural mulch and row covers provide an ideal combination of characteristics to improve farm yield:

  • Durable and easy to spread
  • Photodegrades and then biodegrades to a non-toxic residue at the end of the season
  • Can be left to degrade and/or safely plowed into the soil at the end of the season
  • Can be safely burned: Residue has been certified as a growth enhancing soil sweetener
  • Saves cost and labor for disposal
  • Costs less than plastic alternatives

The advantages of the GXT Green ECOgrade agricultural solution:

The GXT Green ECOgrade row covers and mulch are manufactured from a new compound, called Calcium Olefinic Glucosate (COG). This compound photo-degrades from sunlight exposure within 240 days- extending the growing season for farmers, particularly those in more northern climates. Much of the film will have degraded and what’s left over can be plowed, left to degrade, or burned.

  1. If left on the ground the film will completely photo degrade in 240 days. The formula allows it to also biodegrade, leaving behind no toxins.
  2. If burned, the COG film emits low smoke and the ash that remains is a calcium-rich non-toxic residue that can simply be plowed into the ground, with no need for transporting for disposal. The residue has been tested and certified by an independent laboratory as a soil conditioner adding up to 9% growth of new crops.

In addition to labor savings, ECOgrade row covers and mulch are a more sustainable solution than plastic covers:

  • They leave no toxins in the soil when degraded.
  • They produce nearly 50% less greenhouse gas in pre-production compared to plastic film.
  • They are manufactured in regional factories around the world.

And best of all, the cost is the same or less than typical polypropylene covers, and significantly less than typical bio-degradable solutions.

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