2015 Earth Day Honor Roll Nominees

GXT Green is proud to announce 11 Nominees for their annual Earth Day Honor Roll Recognition.

Billerica, April 6, 2015- Every year, in celebration of Earth Day, GXT Green recognizes organizations that have made significant contributions to sustainability efforts in their individual companies, their communities, or to the global community. We are proud to announce the nominations which were received this year. The winners will be announced in time for Earth Day, on April 22nd, 2015.

For 2015 The GXT Green Honor Roll Nominations were open to companies, government and public agencies, and environmental organizations. In announcing the finalists, Manas Chatterjee, President and CEO of GXT Green commented "This has been a great year of progress in sustainable business and products. We thank everyone for their nominations, and all of the nominees for their accomplishments".

The detailed list of nominees which includes a description of their accomplishments can be found at www.gxtgreen.com/honorroll.

The 2015 GXT Green Honor Roll Nominees include:

Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation, for their boundless efforts to protect marine mammals in the Gulf of Maine through education, research and conservation.

CIPET and LARPM (India), for their efforts to solve the problem of plastic and solid waste disposal in India.

Colgate University which derives 95 percent of its electricity from hydroelectric and other non-carbon emitting sources, and 75 percent of its heating needs from an on- campus, wood-fired boiler.

Hannaford Foods. Sustainability practices are saving Hannaford Supermarkets $15 million annually, while diverting 125 million pounds of waste from landfills and keeping more than 430 million pounds of greenhouse gases from being emitted.

The Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences. With more than 30 scientists and staff working from the north slope of Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina. Manomet’s mission is to conserve natural resources for the benefit of wildlife and human populations. Among their prominent programs is their Grocery Stewardship Certification which helps grocery store leadership o become more sustainable in all of their practices.

Mass Sustainable Communities, who's annual conference encourages communities and businesses to learn about and exchange best practices, research, products, and services.

MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, for empowering students, faculty, researchers, and business leaders to join together are committed to creating a new vision for progress and prosperity and a world that will flourish and thrive for generations.

Roche Bros Groceries, for their continued initiatives to increase sustainability. This year, they expect to fully adopt the ECOgrade degradable bags into their chain, creating a visible and proactive approach to eliminating plastic bag pollution.

Tops Markets, for initiating a "green program", to increase visibility of their sustainability initiatives in Buffalo and Rochester, two of the greenest cities in the country.

University of Massachusetts, Lowell. UMass Lowell's Plastics Engineering program is helping to push new boundaries of how sustainable plastic and plastic alternatives are used, produced and processed.

Wamogo Connecticut High school junior and senior Chemistry21 class, taught by April Devereux. This group proves that young people can make a dramatic difference in the condition of the environment, as they seek alternatives to durable plastics and toxic chemicals to positively impact our future and future generations."

Please join GXT Green in congratulating these organizations for their efforts.

About GXT Green:

GXT Green, where "Economics Meets Ecology" is a leader in creating and leveraging strategies, services, and products that help the corporate community meet their economic and social sustainability needs. The Earth Day Honor Roll is a community service of GXT Green.

The primary mission of GXT Green is to deliver the best products and services that meet and exceed the economic needs of our clients while endeavoring to ensure the preservation and integrity of our environmental resources. To that end, we are continually reviewing new product opportunities to bring to market.

All GXT Green products and services adhere to four key principles:

  • They are sustainable. After their use they must leave our environment the same or better than before.
  • They solve a critical problem for the user. We are solving real-world issues with viable solutions.
  • They perform as well or better than the product they replace. No compromise necessary.
  • They cost the same or less than the product they replace.

GXT Green and the ECOgrade degradable bag have received recognition as Runner-up International Sustainability Consultancy of the year from BusinessGreen, 2011; Consumer Product of the Year from MassTLC, 2012; Innovation of the Year Finalist from SBANE, 2013; Silver Award Winner as Consumer Product of the Year and Most Innovative Product of the Year, Best in Biz Awards International, 2013; Business of the Year from the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce, 2013, and Innovation All-Star Winner in the product category from Boston Business Journal/Mass High Tech, 2013, and as a shortlisted finalist for the 2014 Ethical Corporation International Responsible Business Award. http://www.GxtGreen.com