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Our most important corporate asset is our employees- whose skills, energy and commitment to excellence coupled with GXT Green’s vision and values are central to our success. The mission of GXT Green is rooted in a set of core values. These core values are the foundation of our unique business purpose and perspective:

  • Respect for One Another and Act with Integrity : GXT Green recognizes the dignity of each individual and respects each employee. We will act with integrity in al we do to create bonds of trust that lead to strong and enduring relationships.
  • Live Our Values : As representatives of GXT Green, we will act responsibly and in a manner that will reflect favorably on who we are and what we do. We will be brave enough to articulate our values.
  • Work in a Positive Environment : GXT Green endeavors to provide all employees an environment that is conducive to conducting business and allows individuals to excel, be creative, take initiatives, seek new ways to solve problems, generate opportunities and to be accountable for their actions.
  • Provide a Safe Workplace : It is GXT Green’s policy to establish and manage a safe and healthy work environment and to manage its business in ways that are sensitive to the environment.
  • Safeguard Company Resources : Safeguarding Company assets is the responsibility of all employees of GXT Green We must use and maintain such assets with care and respect while guarding against waste.
  • Consistency While Being Open to Change : We are accountable for our actions and strive for excellence and will live up to our commitments tour customers and to our selves
  • Maintain Accurate Records : GXT Green’s financial, accounting, and other reports and records will accurately and fairly reflect the transactions and financial condition of the Company.

ECO-R3SP Packaging Product Manager/Sales for GXT Green, Inc.

The role of the GXT Green Product Manager is to provide product management coupled with sales responsibilities of the packaging vertical (ECO-R3SP) for GXT Green, Inc. ECO-R3SP is our newest product in a portfolio of environmentally responsible products that perform better than the products they replace at a competitive price point.

The product manager portion of the job is responsible for researching, planning, documenting, piloting, implementing, communicating, and coordinating all programs and aspects of the product suite. The sales responsibility is to develop sales channels, direct sales, and marketing of the product as well as manage the sales activities and goals of our partners. This position will report to the Chief Operating Officer and SVP of Sales.

Responsibilities/ Desired Qualities (Product Manager)

  • Able to understand the technical and functional design requirements of ECO-R3SP as well as the market and channels, and then use that knowledge to develop a clear and detailed plan to develop, manage and grow the entire ECO-R3SP packaging vertical.
  • Develop and implement strategies that enable GXT Green to achieve operational and financial objectives.
  • Evaluate the business processes (including manufacturing, delivery, pricing, sales) and develop and implement improvements to increase efficiency and enhance revenue.
  • Partner with Manufacturing and R&D to conceptualize, design, refine, and measure the success of ECO-R3SP manufacturing and other projects and the change control strategy that best helps GXT Green to successfully execute with customers and prospects.
  • Work proactively with Senior Management to ensure compliance objectives and ECO-R3SP sales targets are met.
  • Assist in the enforcement of project deadlines and schedules
    • Working effectively and excelling at managing complex projects
    • Success is predicated on influencing sales directors and customer
    • Keeping Senior management abreast of all developments

Responsibilities/ Desired Qualities (Sales):

  • Manage internal and partner customer relationships as well as prospective customers in the pipeline
    • Existing relationships include sales, marketing, and manufacturing
    • The program manager must ensure a high quality of service, resolve issues that promptly ensures an acceptable solution
  • Identify potential customers, influencers and decision makers as well as those generated by our partners in order to build, retain, and enhance relationships to raise the level of GXT Green and ECO-R3SP product name recognition
  • Identify and build new business opportunities that generate senior level leads and produces revenue
  • Generate timely and accurate reports on the status of program operations and customer communications

Desired Experience/Skills

Qualified applicants should have a minimum of 7-10 years of technical project/product management experience and can quantify past success. Experience in the packaging industry is a plus. This is essential to establish immediate credibility from the GXT Green team and potential partners.

The Product Manager/Sales position for GXT Green, Inc. must keep the focus on the goals of the ECO-R3SP program at all times and must possess the following skills:

  • Be highly organized and able to multitask
  • Able to lead by example in the interpersonal, technical, and administrative areas of responsibility
  • Be very detail-oriented and have a flexible management style
  • Recognize and solve problems creatively and quickly

Compensation is competitive.

Candidates who desire an environment where independent thinking and an entrepreneurial environment are fostered and who have the desire for advancement are encouraged to submit cover letters and resumes to this posting.

About GXT Green:

GXT Green develops and markets sustainable products and supporting services that cost-effectively solve the everyday environmental concerns of corporations, communities, and governments. This includes solutions which reduce the environmental impact of plastic bags, EPS foam packaging, and Greenhouse gas emissions.

Interested candidates are asked to submit a cover letter and resume to the VP of Sales :